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The United States of America not only ranks top in the economy, but they follow a similar reputation in the world of education as well. About 4% of students taking higher education in the USA are foreigners, according to a research.

The USA offer students to study in USA, an excellent set of courses be it science, commerce or philosophy! The USA holds the reputation of nurturing some of the top universities in the world.

It requires an excellently forecasted plan, adequate financial support and patience to get enrolled into the top USA universities to study in USA. Our Study in USA Overseas Consultancy in Hyderabad  helping students to pursue their dream career.

Given below are the steps to follow if you want to enroll yourself in US universities to study in USA.

  Figure out for yourself about which subject you want to study in USA further for post-graduation. Is it engineering, commerce, philosophy or something else?

  After that, research about the best universities in USA providing education to study in USA in the subject of your choice and choose the university you want to enroll into.

  Research about the entrance exams to study in USA

  Be ready with your documents to go for the VISA interview as soon as you clear the entrance exams.

  The banks provide loans at excellent interests; you should be ready with the paper work for your own good.


Further, after you give the entrance exam and other necessary exams such as TOFEL , you have very less to do, except to wait. You must wait until the universities consider your application and your marks qualify to enter their gates. Waiting is the hardest part! It goes smooth for some, and for others it might last long.

The USA holds the reputation of nurturing the best universities in world, be it the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) which ranks first in the list of best engineering collages in the world, or the University of California, University of Texas and so on.

Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, Harvard, UC Berkeley, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, MIT, Northwestern University, and John Hopkins are some of the top universities in USA.

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These are the few universities to name, ranked based on the quality of education that they provide and the overall reputation that took years of consistency to build itself. These universities excel in all the strata of education.

Study in US universities comes at a cost, not only financially but also the trauma of going away from your family. However, if you are thinking to perceive education in the USA, this is the decision that could make your life.

MS in USA University is a very common choice for most of the students in the Asian countries. The students perceiving MS degrees are granted H1 VISA once they yield their student VISA, and this opportunity attracts students the most.

The same happens in case of MBA in USA universities. The students are given the opportunity to work in the USA and earn enough to pay back their loans. Our Study in USA Overseas Consultancy in Hyderabad mission is to place students in the top USA Universities

Looking for a study in USA overseas educational consultancy in Hyderabad or anywhere in India, to guide you about education in USA just got simpler with Study Smart. We will help you to get in top universities in USA.


Student life is always an unforgettable duration for most of us. And if the country is U.S., then it is going to be the best. Known for its multicultural environment, USA embrace international students happily. You can see all global cultures in America, and the country itself encourages healthy student life. Gain knowledge in universities with fun, as you can take part in other exciting curricular activities like drama, arts, dance and sports for involving fun in education.

Unlike other international educational institutes, many USA universities believe in providing on-campus housing for better interaction of students. Most of the universities have their private campus with dormitories, where students can reside.

  The universities provide chance to switch the school mid-year. For example, one could complete one year in one university and further get enrolled in other university for the next year.

  The USA universities are more practical driven than theoretical based.

  The USA is an open hub for all the students across the globe for world class education. Hence, once enroll in the USA University, you get an open opportunity to make friends from all around the globe, learn their culture and their way of living.

  It helps develop your soft skills.

  The USA universities have attained par excellence in terms of technologies they use for educating the students.

  They provide flexible learning schedule that would match your competency.

You can call U.S. as a ‘land of opportunities‘. Being strong in economic structure, America offers plethora of job prospects to foreign students. Because of lack of skills in American market, skilled international students are in great demand especially in film production, agriculture, engineer, healthcare and IT sector.

It takes time to get student visa. There are 3 types of student visas to study in USA.

F-1 student visa: It is the most common type of student visa. With this visa one can do a part-time job in USA.

J-1 student visa: It is for those students who want to undertake some practical courses, which are not available in their country.

M-1 student visa: It is given for non-academic courses.

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